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Fornecedor: White Wolf
Código: WW80300
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Monuments to First Age Ingenuity
At the height of the First Age, miraculous achievements were possible that are impossible in the fallen Age of Sorrows. But now, the past readies to give up its secrets to the returned Solar Exalted that they might remake Creation into a place of wonder once again.
The Wonders of the Lost Age are lost no more. Draw back the hazy veil of intervening centuries, and gaze on the marvels of the First Age. From power armor to unsinkable warships, and from Essence cannons to self-aware automata, this supplement has all the magitech items players and Storytellers might want and the rules for maintaining them.
A Tome of Wonders for Exalted®
• Reveals the history of magitechnological development in Creation and just how far the current age has devolved
• Details a myriad of magitech devices ranging from weapons of war to automata, including the mighty warstriders
• First in the five-tome “Books of Sorcery” series
This book includes:
• A plethora of First Age weapons, devices and vehicles suitable for any Exalted game
• Complete rules for warstriders, including spiritually active ones
US Page Count: 160 (Softcover) 

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Páginas 160
Idioma Inglês
Capa Brochura
Cor Preto e Branco

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